Jeremiah Harston

Financial Advisor, Partner


Jeremiah is a licensed attorney and practiced law for 7 years before deciding to combine his legal knowledge with his passion for helping people plan for their financial future.

Jeremiah is a native of Bowling Green and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a B.A. in 2000. Jeremiah continued his education by graduating from the University of Memphis in 2003 with a Law degree and a M.B.A. 

One of the key reasons Jeremiah decided to join our team is that our investment team consists of “Planners”, not “salesman”. Jeremiah believes that many people fall victim to an impressive “sales pitch” when selecting someone to help them with their investments, instead of choosing someone with integrity that will truly help them plan for their families future. Jeremiah shares the same passion as his co-workers for helping his clients plan for the future. He feels very blessed to be in a position to help his clients navigate through the confusing financial world we live in today. He believes that in today’s complex financial environment, sound financial advice cannot be offered without considering the tax, legal and monetary repercussions of every decision. Jeremiah’s experience as a practicing attorney, coupled with his understanding of investment strategies, provides his clients an opportunity to potentially prevent costly errors. Jeremiah believes that avoiding mistakes is only part of the planning equation and that understanding the legal and tax realm of financial planning also allows you to put your “hard earned” money to work in the most efficient manner.

Jeremiah serves investors in the Kentucky area as a SmartVestor Pro professional. Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Pro is a directory of investment professionals. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of Lockshield Partners.